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Shouldn't tackling woodsmoke be a high priority?

Anonymous 4 years ago 0

Emissions inventories and air pollution monitoring data indicate that smoke from woodheaters is a major source of fine particles and other air toxics in many parts of Australia including the Hunter.  The recent Senate enquiry noted that tackling woodsmoke would achieve 66% of the benefits for just 1% of the costs of meeting air quality standards.  Shouldn't addressing this preventable health issue be a No 1 priority?


How much reduction in particles is enough?

Anonymous 4 years ago 0

Given the health damage caused by PM10 and PM 2.5s, is it satisfactory for our leaders to aim for only a small reduction to exposure, such as 10% or 20%? Should some sources of particles such as the burning of wood for heating/BBQs, be phased out altogether?


Number of deaths due to air pollution?

Anonymous 5 years ago 0

What is a realistic estimate of the number of deaths and illnesses caused by pollution every year in Newcastle and the Hunter?


I would like to hear the experts describe the health importance of particle exposure in the range from pm2.5 to pm 10. Is it justified for a health impact assessment to examine only PM2.5 while ignoring PM10?

Anonymous 5 years ago 0

I would like to hear the expert's opinion on the health importance of particles in the 2.5 to 10 micron range. Is it justified for a health impact assessment to consider only PM 2.5 and ignore PM10 as was done for the Wallarah 2 mine proposal?