Refund due to health issues (Expedia/United)

HarryJenkins 6 days ago 0


We booked a flight  for a flight with United Airlines (from Europe to USA). After the booking (and the payment) was made our daughter was diagnosed with a medical condition that prevents her from flying (we have a doctors recommendation not to fly). We contacted Expedia for a refund but they said to contact United directly. United declined our request with explanation that since we have booked through a Travel agent (Expedia) we should contact them.

We contacted Expedia again, sent the same doctors recommendation to them but they said there is no option for a refund since the ticket is non-refundable and they are only a Third party in this topic.

Does anyone have any experience with refunds due to medical issues? Who should be the one to approve the refund? Who should we contact (again) to get our money back?


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